Report to the IAPA
March 28, 2020


In this period, since President Alejandro Giammattei took office on January 15, there have been three situations that have limited freedom of expression.

On February 27 journalist Bryan Leonel Guerra was murdered , aged 23 He was vice chairman of the Chiquimula Social Communicators Network. The Attorney General's Office has the investigation "in reserve" and it has not come up with more information about the case. The chairman of the Guatemala Journalists Association expressed concern for the lack of safety for social communicators in the country, immediately calling this situation as an attempt upon freedom of expression. Also Human Rights Attorney Jordán Rodas called on the government to give protection and investigate these kinds of events.

The new government attempted to create a registry of journalists that should be filled in order to participate in the press conferences of the President and his ministers. It was argued that the list would serve to ensure "that when they were invited to mobilize with the president to some place they would not be deprived of the right to travel." Finally, the government abandoned the registration of journalists.

The Congress of the Republic made amendments to the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations for Development. These should present financial reports, be registered in the respective records and could be dissolved. Given the concern that the argument could serve as an excuse to eliminate those organizations that criticize the government, and following various requests for protection before the Constitutional Court, the amendment remained without effect.