Report to the 76 IAPA General Assembly
October, 21-23, 2020

Constant signs of harassment and threats against journalists were registered during this period – dominated by a social and political crisis that keeps the legislative, municipal, and presidential elections without a definite date.

The opposition calls for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise and argues that the elections cannot be held due to the prevailing climate of insecurity.

On September 14, Patrick Moussignac, general director of Radio Télé Caraïbes, warned that anonymous organizations announced on social networks "imminent attacks" against the television station. The National Media Association of Haiti (ANMH) condemned the threats and assured that the Constitution and the laws "guarantee freedom of the press and freedom of expression as the pillars that sustain ideological pluralism."

In Haiti, physical attacks on reporters continue, such as the aggression suffered by the journalist Georges Allen at the hands of agents of the Haitian National Police.

On April 29, the ANMH and the organization Independent Media of Haiti (AMIH) denounced the physical aggression against Georges Allen, a Caribbean Television (RTVC) journalist, in Delmas 33 – while a curfew was in effect. The journalist had credentials and a valid pass issued by the authorities.

Press associations have demanded the government and the General Inspectorate of the Haitian National Police to open an investigation into this incident, to identify the individuals involved in the act of violence, and to impose sanctions against the perpetrators.

ANMH and AMIH demanded an end to all acts of violence against the press, and assured that journalists and the media, as well as their lives and properties, "have become the daily target of attacks in Haiti and the government must assume its responsibilities."

The Association of Haitian Journalists (AJH) denounced acts of intimidation and aggression against three journalists. Cenès Joseph – a reporter for Radio Phénix Inter and correspondent for Radio Sans Fin (RSF) in Maïssade – denounced that he had been threatened since July 9 by activists close to the ruling party Tèt kale (PHTK). On July 28, Sétoute Yvens – a cameraman and reporter for TV Mégastar radio – was attacked in Cité Soleil. Pradel Alexandre – correspondent of Radio Nationale d'Haïti (RNH) in Saint-Marc and president of

the Federation of Artibonite Journalists (FEJA) – was threatened with death by the leader of the Savien gang, in the commune of Petite-Rivière de l'Artibonite, Odma Louissaint.

Journalist organizations as well as Reporters Without Borders have complained to the authorities about the precarious and vulnerable situations to which journalists are exposed on a daily basis.

...of journalists in Haiti and states that "Haitian journalists are particularly vulnerable and regularly attacked during demonstrations."

Reporters Without Borders indicates that some journalists are still subject to intimidation and attacks – especially during the coverage of demonstrations.