Resolution presented to the IAPA
WHEREAS, the government has decreed a de-facto martial law to prevent protests and - in the few instances where they do occur - mobs protected by the police chase, beat up and steal the equipment of journalists; and the National Police is engaged in harassment of journalists and independent media

WHEREAS, the government harasses the media -especially Canal 12- with millions worth of unjustified fiscal claims, in order to silence one of the two remaining non-governmental television news programs

WHEREAS, the government is passing laws directly targeting cyber media - and also affecting other media

WHEREAS, the government passed a law for the "Regulation of Foreign Agents" that would cut funds for many small media outlets that have developed on the Internet - and others that defend human rights

WHEREAS, the government has taken over the offices and studios of Confidencial and 100% Noticias, and has banned these media from broadcasting on television or cable.


To condemn the acts of harassment by the police against the people - and especially against journalists

To strongly condemn the use of fiscal collections to punish the media in an attempt to shut them down

To demand that the facilities of Confidencial and 100% Noticias be returned - and that they be allowed to broadcast their programs on open television and cable.