Protection mechanisms

Midyear Meeting
April, 19-22 2022
WHEREAS, the panel "Inefficiencies in the Protection Systems for Journalists" - organized during the IAPA Mid-Year Meeting, highlighted the deficiencies and weaknesses in the protection systems of Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico - which hamper their proper implementation in order to guarantee the safety and the lives of journalists in high-risk situations

WHEREAS, a comprehensive study by Reporters Without Borders analyzed the protection systems of Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico and concluded that in most areas urgent changes are required for protection policies to be effective; and proposed specific recommendations on the regulatory framework and institutional coordination; budget and technical personnel; protection procedures and measures; transparency and communication; and combating violence

WHEREAS, in the case of Mexico, the IAPA has maintained that, although the mechanism has saved the lives of dozens of reporters by providing them with protection, it continues to be ineffective in providing timely and safe protection

WHEREAS, the protection systems for journalists in Ecuador, Guatemala and Paraguay face similar problems as those in Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico, as they lack the professional, technical and economic resources to operate efficiently, and also lack adequate coordination with the institutions engaged in risk evaluations

WHEREAS, in Paraguay, a bill was introduced for the "Protection of Journalists, Communicators and Human Rights Defenders" - to provide communicators with an adequate legal framework to guarantee the life, integrity and safety of journalists

WHEREAS, Principle 4 of the Chapultepec Declaration states: "Murder, terrorism, kidnapping, coercion, intimidation, unjust imprisonment of journalists, physical destruction of the media, violence of any kind, and impunity for perpetrators severely curtail freedom of expression and of the press. These acts must be promptly investigated and severely punished."


To urge States that have systems for the prevention and protection of journalists to strengthen these mechanisms in order to guarantee the full exercise of freedom of expression and press freedom

To welcome the promotion of the bill in Paraguay hoping that the experience gained from other mechanisms for the protection of journalists may serve as reference to create an efficient system capable of achieving its goals of guaranteeing the life, integrity and safety of journalists.