The IAPA invites three days of debate on the situation of press freedom in the Americas

From April 25-27.

Miami (April 23, 2023) – The Inter American Press Association begins its usual review of press freedom in the Americas on Tuesday, April 25.

In a three-day meeting, virtual, free, and accessible to all, the IAPA will highlight the reports on press freedom that, this semester, once again show a desolate panorama throughout the region.

Those interested can register at this link.

Since last November, nine journalists have been killed. Four remain in jail, and another four were kidnapped. Dozens of journalists from El Salvador, Cuba, and Nicaragua were forced into exile. Many media outlets and journalists were attacked by organized crime gangs that continue to reproduce themselves and by police officers who do not guarantee the work of the press. In Venezuela, the government continues to close media outlets and reassign radio licenses so those close to them can spread propaganda.

And in a climate of deep polarization and weakening of democratic institutions, several presidents, such as those of Mexico, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica, continue stigmatizing the press. Other less transparent governments deny citizens and journalists access to public information.

In countries like Bolivia, Peru, and the United States, there are bills to make it easier to sue journalists to silence their criticism and investigations.

Faced with this negative panorama, the IAPA calls on communicators, academics, and citizens so that at this week's meeting, new ways to protect journalists are analyzed, and public policies are promoted in favor of freedom of the press and expression.

IAPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and promoting freedom of the press and expression in the Americas. It comprises more than 1,300 publications in the Western Hemisphere, based in Miami, Florida, United States.