20 November 2012



The American Council of Education Accreditation in Journalism (CLAEP) is dedicated to fostering and promoting excellence in teaching professional journalism.

The Council believes that university students pursuing a career in journalism can be better prepared to the extent that your institution is governed by international quality standards.

The Council recognizes that freedom of expression and press freedom are essential in a free society, and professional education offered by accredited programs must encourage dissent, freedom of inquiry and expression.

To meet this goal, the Council establishes quality standards and offers a voluntary assessment program run by professionals and academicians for granting accreditation to entities that comply with these provisions.

The Council guarantees students, parents, professionals and the public journalism that accredited programs meet rigorous academic standards for vocational education.

The Council recognizes and safeguards the institutional diversity of each accredited program encourages innovation and educational entities that strive to meet the accreditation standards.