There have been three unpleasant incidents during the past few months that affected freedom of the press. In the third week of August, photographer Farrah Soakhoudt, of the daily newspaper Awe Mainta, was insulted in the presence of members of local media minutes before the weekly government press conference. A photo she had taken at a public event of the government's Chef de Protocol, Eric Brete was published by the paper, after which the person in question decided it was fit to comment how he did, insulting her. While covering the flooding caused by torrential rains following Hurricane Ivan and the consequences thereof in the neighborhood of Madiki, photographer Nose do Silva of the daily newspaper Bon Dia Aruba had a discussion with the head of the Aruban Department of Justices Special Corps, Ronny Paskel and two companions. Da Silva was pulled out of his car, hit and his face was pushed into the murky water. Da Silva submitted an official complaint with the criminal investigation unit. This case is still under investigation by local authorities. On October 12, 2004, Marie Ortin, photographer for daily newspaper Diario, was attacked by three individuals when she took a phcto of a lady who had fainted and was being picked up by an ambulance, after having covered an event at the Cultural Institute. She wrapped up and three individuals followed her while she was walking to hex car, grabbed her arm various times and insulted her for having taken the picture and tried to take away her press badge to get her name. The occasion she had covered was a public event with various dignataries present. An official complaint was submitted with the local police and outcome of the investigation is at this time pending.