WHEREAS the murder of a journalist is one of the most heinous crimes against society, since it deprives the public of its right to information and freedom of expression, and other rights and freedoms WHEREAS most crimes committed against journalists in different countries go unpunished, because government prosecutors and attorneys lack the resources, will and independence to effectively investigate such crimes WHEREAS investigations into many crimes committed against journalists have been abandoned, on grounds of statutes of limitations under existing legislation WHEREAS in those crimes that are solved, only the perpetrators are usually held responsible, not the masterminds behind the crime WHEREAS not all governments accept the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, nor do they furnish the requested documentation and information on investigations into murders of journalists THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to condemn the murder of, and all physical violence against, journalists, and demand that the authorities fulfill their obligation to take precautions against, investigate and punish the crimes and provide for redress to request that the governments transfer judicial responsibility for crimes against journalists to the federal level, to better ensure that the murders will be solved to urge the national congresses to accept the principle that crimes against persons not be covered by a statute of limitations when perpetrated for the purpose of preventing the exercise of freedom of information and expression, or for the purpose of obstructing justice; and to make it unlawful to grant amnesties, remissions of penalties or pardons to those responsible for such crimes to call upon the national congresses to improve legislation, to open the way for the trial and conviction of the masterminds behind the murders of those exercising the right to freedom of expression to request that the governments of the Americas furnish the Inter-American Commission with all material information in their possession relating to the murders of journalists, within the time-periods required by law.