GUATEMALA WHEREAS respect for freedom of expression is the cornerstone of any democracy WHEREAS there has been tension in relations of the executive and legislative branches with the national press, which has resulted in accusations and attacks against journalists and the media WHEREAS the ruling party has said it intends to change the Constitution and approve an official secrets law, which could threaten the principles of freedom of expression, of the press and the right to information WHEREAS Principle 1 of the Declaration of Chapultepec states that, “no people or society can be free without freedom of expression and of the press; the exercise of this freedom is not something authorities grant, it is an inalienable right of the people,” Principle 3 states that, “the authorities must be compelled by law to make available in a timely and reasonable manner the information generated by the public sector; no journalist may be forced to reveal his or her sources of information,” Principle 5 states that, “prior censorship, restrictions on the circulation of the media or dissemination of their reports, forced publication of information, the imposition of obstacles to the free flow of news, and restrictions on the activities and movements of journalists directly contradict free-dom of the press” . THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to tell the president of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo, and the president of Congress, Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt of its concern about the harassment of journalists and the media and demand that in any legislation that is approved freedom of expression, of the press and the right to information always be respected in the broadest sense.