COSTA RICA WHEREAS a democracy requires a legal climate enabling the full practice of press freedom to report, investigate and express opinions on public affairs press legislation in Costa Rica and its most recent judicial interpretation have established a restrictive framework for the exercise of freedom of the press, thus hindering the function of journalism in a modern democracy Costa Rica, recognized as exemplary in many other aspects of democratic development, faces the risk of having its press freedom choked by judicial institutions, even though these institutions follow formal mechanisms in creating and interpreting the law, they are not inspired by advances in international law and legislation of the most modern nations THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to urge the executive branch and legislative authorities of Costa Rica to promote and enact updated press freedom laws and adapt them to modern judicial processes to urge that the application of legal criteria by Costa Rican judges take into account the necessity of a climate of full liberty to discuss matters of public interest.