GROSSMAN WHEREAS Claudio Grossman, vice-president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States (OAS), proposed a plan to improve the protection of journalists, guarantee the punishment of those responsible for crimes against them and improve safeguards for freedom of information and opinion the proposed measures include: -that there be no statute of limitations for crimes against journalists -improve legislation regarding crimes against journalists and make it an aggravating factor if a journalist is the victim of murder, injuries and violence -crimes against journalists be tried only by civilian courts -that during emergencies the authorities cannot ban freedom of expression or limit its practice -there be no pardon, reprieve or statute of limitations for crimes against journalists -the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights can send cases of crimes against journalists to the Inter-American Human Rights Court -Inter-American Commission on Human Rights missions to countries examine cases of violence against journalists -the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights forward its reports and decisions about against journalists to international financial organizations, so that they may adopt measures against governments that allow those responsible for these crimes to go unpunished -to reinforce the work of the OAS' Office of the Rapporteur in regard to attacks against journalists by providing it with a marked boost in resources and aid at its disposal Claudio Grossman's proposals fully and precisely match the thinking and policies of the IAPA THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to adopt and support all the sections of this plan to send this resolution to all the member governments of the Inter-American system, urging them to collaborate in improving punitive actions in the cases of crimes against journalists.