MEXICO WHEREAS three journalists, Abel Bueno León, Victor Hernández and Benjamín Flores González, have been murdered in clear reprisal for their work in the sarne period of time, four journalists have been kidnapped, 21 physically attacked, and many more threatened with death editor Cuauhtémoc Ornelas of the magazine Alcance in the city of Torréon, Coahuila, disappeared in 1995, and the investigations to find him have practicalIy been discontinued THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to communicate with the Mexican president, expressing IAPA's condemnation of these crimes against journalists and asking him to issue measures permitting journalists to carry out their work in a necessary climate of security to communicate with the Mexican governors of the states of Guerrero, in the case of Abel Bueno León; of Sonora, in the case of Benjamín Flores González, and of the Federal District, in the case of Victor Hernández Martínez, calling upon them to intensify the investigations until these cases have been cleared up so they will not continue to swelI the gloomy list of unpunished murders in Mexico to demand that the governor of the state of Coahuila renew investigations to find Cuauhtémoc Ornelas, missing since 1995, and to punish those responsible.