PERU WHEREAS with the silencing of Canal 2 TV television station, which criticized the government for violating human rights, press freedom in Peru has been seriously affected none of the journalistic discJosures broadcast by Canal 2 TV could be denied to facilitate this seizure, the citizenship of the owner of Canal 2 TV, a naturalized Peruvian citizen for 13 years, was revoked, and a string of legal principies broken such silencing can only be interpreted as revenge by the government and the National lntelligence Service, at the same time that it sends a clear warning signal to other media THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to communicate with President Alberto Fujimori, condemning the undemocratic attitude of the Peruvian government in silencing news programs on Canal 2 TV criticai of the regime to demand the withdrawal of the directive revoking the Peruvian citizenship of Baruch lvcher, so that he be allowed to continue to run the television station in his capacity as principal shareholder.