PUERTO RICO WHEREAS the government of Puerto Rico violated ArticJe 7 of the DecJaration of Chapultepec, signed in 1995 by Governor Pedro Rosselló, by canceling ali government advertising in El Nuevo Dia, in a clear assault on freedom of expression the government of Puerto Rico has sought to interfere in the editorial content of El Nuevo Dia, demanding the replacement of the journalist covering the governor' s office government officials have repeatedly made access to public documents difficult different entities of the government of Puerto Rico have launched a persecution campaign against the island's principal cement factory, majority shareholding held by the owners of El Nuevo Dia, with the aim of bending the editorial position of the paper THE IAPA GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLVES to call on the governor of Puerto Rico to condemn his administration's policy of coercion and harassment because it infringes on freedom of the press and Puerto Rico's long and deep tradition of democratic values to recommend that the IAPA Executive Committee send a mission to carry out a first-hand investigation of this situation of deep concern to the Association.