CUBA WHEREAS Cuba continues on a path to broaden contacts with foreign investors and lure tourists, while its repressive machinery continues to silence those who would express an opinion the Cuban government has increased the persecution of writers, intellectuals, journalists and citizens generally journalist Alexis Castañeda Pérez is serving a five-year jail term far a conviction of "disseminating enemy propaganda" and is not allowed to receive medical treatment far his asthma Yndamiro Restano Díaz, vice president of the Association of lndependent Journalists of Cuba, is serving a lO-year sentence in a high-security jail in for publishing works "inciting to civil disobedience and actions against the socialist society" so many in Cuba - for example, Luis Grave de Peralta, Adriano González Marichal, Rubier Rodríguez Leyva, Arquímedes Ruiz Clombie, Armando de Jesús Medel Martín, Cecilio Ismael Zambra, Hubert and Roberto Alvarez San Martín - are serving jall sentences directly related to their intellectual and writing work THE 50TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE lAPA RESOLVES vigorously to condemn the Cuban government's brutal repression of the Cuban people and their full rights to free expression and a free press far the past 35 years to bring to the attention of governments, investars and tourists who trade with or visit Cuba how their economic involvement contributes to the perpetuation of repression and the lack of liberty suffered by the Cuban people.