Murder with Impunity

MURDER WITH IMPUNITY WHEREAS the most egregious assault on freedom of the press is the murder of journalists since the lAPA General Assembly in Bariloche in November 1993, 18 journalists have been murdered in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil none of these cases has been solved, nor those responsible brought to trial the lack of investigation and prosecution of crimes and other aggressions committed against journalists has been an incessant problem in the Hemisphere until the problem of murder with impunity is eliminated, it will be impossible to guarantee journalists' safety THE IAPA 50TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLVES to condemn any and all aggressions committed against journalists in connection with their work to condemn, especially, the murder of journalists to condemn unprosecuted murder as an evil which directly affects not only the victims of aggressions, but also the rule of law - indispensable for the exercise of press freedom to urge the appropriate authorities to make serious and sustained efforts to put an end to murder with impunity.