HAITI WHEREAS • in Haiti there is no freedom of expression of thought and the lack of a free press denies Haitians the right to be informed by reliable news media • the only press that may function in Haiti is that which is totally submitted to the de facto regime which terrorizes this Caribbean nation • only a democratic solution for the Haitian problem can guarantee the creation of a system of free, pluralistic and objective news media • it is a legitimate interest of the IAPA to contribute to the existence of a free press in Haiti THE 49TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to ask that its members contribute to the advent of aclimate of opinion throughout the continent that will facilitate the acquisition of a political order in Haiti, returning to the people of this country all their democratic rights, including a free press which operates in aclimate of absolute respect to its rights and the right of the people to be informed • to ask the IAPA to conduct studies of the situation in Haiti which will enable it to aid the Haitian press to duly organize itself as soon as a favorable climate for the exercise of a free press has been created in the country • to condemn strongly the abuses which continue to be committed in Haiti against the personal security of men and women who exercise the profession of journalism.