COLOMBIA WHEREAS the violence sweeping Colombia in the last six months has cost the lives of six journalists and led to kidnapping, threats and the destruction of equipment Colombian journalists and the media have been limited in their freedom of expression because of new enabling legislation and court decisions The 48TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to most energetically condemn the murder of Colombian journalists and all actions against their well-being to express solidarity with the heroic struggle undertaken by Colombian journalists against drug trafficking, the scourge of humanity to call upon the Congress to strike down decree 2591-9t of the special legislature for legal protection and article 332 of the penal code, and to not pass a new press law or enabling legislation, as this would mean persecution and punishment of the press to call upon members of the judiciary to demonstrate the division of power, the basis of a democratic state, underscoring their defense of free speech, one of the most basic human rights.