MEXICO WHEREAS • investigative reporting and criticism in Mexico are often answered by insults, intimidation, threats, kidnappings, physical assaults and even murder • monopolies in the distribution of raw materials for newspapers signify a danger for press freedom and the opening of newsprint imports ends a monopoly of more than half a century by PIPSA • in Mexico legal action for years has shut down the newspaper El Heraldo de Tampico and El Heraldo de Irapuato and their owner desires that the IAPA recognize the effect these legal proceedings could have on the freedom of expression THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES • to call upon the Mexican government to use all its authority to discover the sources of death threats, intimidation and assaults in order to apply the full force of the law against them • to express to the government of Mexico its approval of the measure to permit opening of newsprint imports, w.hich surely will be of great benefit to independent journalism • to receive documentation on the closure of El Heraldo de Tampico and El Heraldo de Irapuato and to create a commission to investigate and report on the matter at the next assembly.