30 October 2012

Marcos Borges Ribeiro

(May 27, 1965 - May 1, 1995) Date of murder: May 1, 1995 Scene and circumstances of the crime: Around 4:00 p.m., inside his home in Vila Jatai, in downtown Rio Verde, Goiás state, Brazil, he was struck by shots fired by Gláucio dos Reis Santa, a Civil Police driver. Ribeiro’s companion, Cimei Cristina de Oliveira, was in the house and witnessed the crime. Santana was accompanied by Joana D’Arc de Souza, a police clerk and wife of Alzemiro José dos Santos, at the time local police chief in Rio Verde. Probable causes: Reports appearing in the newspaper Independente on police and official corruption; the denunciation of falsification of signatures in the attendance list at the University of Rio Verde School of Law, and blackmail. Accused: Joana D’Arc de Souza and Gláucio dos Reis Santana. Santana confessed to the crime.
Place of birth: Quatigar, Paraná state, Brazil Age at death: 29 Marital status: He lived with Cimei Cristina de Oliveira Education: He was studying law at the University of Rio Verde Occupation/title: Owner and publisher of the newspaper Independente in Rio Verde, Goiás state, founded in November 1994 Previous activities: We worked at the Lanche Betel bar