04 July 1974


Ellen L. Szita USA
Nice Braga Valadares Brazil
Patricia Burstein USA
Joan Maupin USA
Brian Tafoya USA
Roberto R. Brauning Chile
Hubert Solano Costa Rica
Irene Eytel Rostagno Chile
Nordahl Flakstad Canada
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

A young Brazilian girl, studied at the University of Missouri and on her return home was appointed assistant professor of communications at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She was on leave of absence to work on her PHD. at the University of Texas in Austin. All this would not have been possible, she wrote, if she had not received an lAPA scholarship.

He studied at the University of Texas in Austin and returned to the staff of La Nación, San Jose, Costa Rica. He covers the presidency and foreign affairs for that newspaper the biggest in Central America. He said the scholarship “improved my journalistic knowledge immensely, allowing me to do a better and more professional job”.

A young Canadian who studied and reported in Venezuela, is now resources and Business reporter for the Leader Post, of Regina, Canada. He was mainly involved in the coverage of energy developments (oil, gas, uranium) and related business issues. “The IAPA experience,” he wrote, was taken into account in hiring situations and, later I had an opportunity to study on an economics journalism fellowship at a major university”.