04 July 1964


Walker D. Wyman USA
James T. Yenckel USA
María Inés Arrarte Ecuador
Delia Vergara Larraín Chile
Judith L. Barret USA
Franklin Bahamonde Ecuador
Arnold M. Payne USA
Marly Melman Jordan Brazil
Benjamín Montalvo Colombia
Freddy Cortés Bolivia
Luis Alberto Pérez Argentina
Hernán Valdés Panama
William D. Montalbano USA
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

He is a Colombian who studied at the University of Texas in Austin, and he was Sunday editor of EI Mundo, San Juan, Puerto Rico. He said of his school year: “It was a wonderful source of experiences I still use daily. The scholarship was most definitely a factor in the advancement of my career.”

He was editor of the influential provincial dialy El Territorio, of Posadas, Argentina. He attended the University of Texas, Austin. “This program,” he wrote, “performs one of the best ways to provide a special opportunity to young journalists of the Americas to broaden their knowledge of journalism and the world we live in. It also sparks a great deal of understanding among the people involved”.

He spent his scholarship year in Argentina, and went on from there to become a top reporter and editor at The Miami Herald -Latin American Correspondent, Senior Correspondent and Projects Editor. He directs task force reporters on in-depth projects. His first love, he said, is Latin America: “The scholarship aided me in better understanding of the Latin American area and peoples and contributed to Montalbano develop my linguistic skills.”