05 July 1990


Roger Ainsley USA
Claudia Ortega Mexico
Liliam Chagas de Moura Brazil
Rodrigo Lazo USA
Jewel Fraser Barbados
  Testimony of Scholarship Winners    

The scholarship I received from the IAPA made it possible for me to earn a Master’s in Media Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. At the time I worked as a journalist for RBS TV Porto Alegre - the largest regional media group in Brazil -- where I later returned to hold positions in the department of journalism and broadcast production.

Studying abroad was a productive and enriching experience, especially because of the broad access made available to ground-breaking communication research. On a more personal note, the IAPA scholarship taught me valuable lessons. Having been denied the fi rst time I applied, while still in Brazil, I re-applied after I had begun the master’s on my own. When I received the acceptance note I learned that “persistence” was a big plus for my selection process.

My studies in Canada allowed me not only a Master’s in Communication but also the opportunity to perfect my English and French. That was fundamental for my switch from journalism to diplomacy, a profession I have practiced since 95 where I have served in the Brazil Mission to the European Union (2003-2006) and in Brazil’s ALADI and MERCOSUR missions (2006-2009). I currently work in Brasilia in the Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.