12 September 2013


Sunny day in Denver.

The Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa has been selected as the Host hotel for the Assembly. It has long stood as the pride of luxury hotels in Denver - embraced by the city as its own and regarded as a national treasure. For more than a century The Brown Palace hotel has stood as an anchor to the bustling financial and cultural district, playing host to presidents, prime ministers, and celebrities. Guided tours of the grounds are offered every Wednesday and Saturday. Attendees can also select the Comfort Inn Downtown, which offers exceptional value, and is directly connected via skybridge to the Brown Palace Hotel. This high-rise hotel offers spectacular views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains. For additional information go to: www.brownpalace.com or www.denvercomfortinn.com Download the form. Fill it out and send it by e-mail to [email protected] o por fax a la SIP 1-305-635-2272