21 October 2014


WHEREAS our Host Committee, chaired by María Catalina Saieh, Copesa, Santiago, Chile, and made up of Cristian Edwards, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile; Marco Antonio González, Copesa, Santiago, Chile; Juan Pablo Illanes, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile; Álvaro Caviedes, Copesa, Santiago, Chile; Felipe Edwards, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, and José Luis Parra, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, worked with dedication to offer a program of top quality in which also there was demonstrated every day their spirit of collaboration, cordiality and hospitality WHEREAS the 70th General Assembly also received the generous support of the following companies and institutions: IBM, Santo Tomás University, Papeles Bio Bio, Telefónica-Movistar and Tarapacá Vineyard WHEREAS on Friday afternoon there was held the presentation before a large crowd of the Annual Study on Digital Strategies and Online Advertising by Francisco Vásquez, Editor & Publisher Research, Atlanta, Georgia, and Adrián Segovia, Grupo Prisa, Madrid, Spain, with introduction by Álvaro Caviedes, Copesa, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS in the first session of the seminars program Luis Miguel de Bedout, El Colombiano, Medellín, Colombia, and Guillermo Culell, Medios Regionales, Chile, addressed with up-to-date information the new technologies available to the public and the opportunity that the media have to give context to information on multimedia, having the support as moderator of Ricardo Hepp, president of the Chile National Press Association (ANP) and Álvaro Caviedes, Copesa, Santiago, Chile, as introducer of the panel discussion WHEREAS in the second seminar on Friday afternoon José Alfredo Campos Villeda, Milenio, Mexico City, Mexico, and Benjamín Lana, Vocento, Madrid, Spain, captured the interest of a crowded auditorium with the topic “Successful Regional Press Projects” and that this panel dicussion Álvaro Caviedes as presenter and Silvia Miró Quesada as a moderator; WHEREAS Carolina Rivera of Tarapacá Vineyard gave an illustrative presentation on culture and tourism in Santiago, Chile, in which those attending could in a friendly environment also enjoy an excellent tasting of Chilean wines WHEREAS on Saturday morning with the well documented presentations of executives of the magazine Paula, Santiago, Chile, Milena Vodanovic; Norberto Angeletti, Clarín, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Paula Escobar, El Mercurio, Chile, there was held the seminar “Successful Editorial Projects In the Generation of New Audiences” which raised much interest and the participation of those attending with as moderator Guillermo Turner, La Tercera, Santiago, Chile, and also having the presentation of Juan Pablo Illanes, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS media consultant Mario Tascón, Poderoso Volcán, Madrid, Spain, and the marketing executive of the Financial Times of the United Kingdom, James Mann, gave well documented and detailed information about the quality and effectiveness of newsroom administrative practices, with Rosental Alves, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, as moderator and Juan Pablo Illanes, El Mercurio, Santiago Chile WHEREAS IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist of the IBM Entity Analytics Group, Jeff Jonas, Armonk, New York, during the Saturday luncheon gave an illustrative explanation of the handling of Big Data in companies and discussed with his audience strategies that he uses to create more precise and useful databases and that he was introduced by the chair of the Host Committee, María Catalina Saieh, Copesa, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS in the seminar “From Digital First to Mobile First” The Wall Street Journal, New York, New York, specialist David Ho together with Ediana A. Balleroni, Telefónica Hispanoamérica, Lima, Peru, jointly presented data on trends, best practices and short-term expectations for the vital segment represented by mobile communication in newspapers and that this pleasing panel featured Adrián Segovia, Grupo Prisa, Madrid, Spain, and José Antonio Ferris, Copesa, Santiago, Chile, as moderator and presenter, respectively WHEREAS that in the final session of the 70th General Assembly seminars program titled “Audience: More Readers or Better Readers?” speakers Matt Lindsay, Mather Economics, Atlanta, Georgia, Gabriella Stern, Dow Jones & Company, New York, New York, and Pablo Boczkowski, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, discussed in depth the basic issue of relationship of the media with the public from the point of view of technology, quality of information and techniques for managing content, with José Antonio Ferris, Copesa, Santiago, Chile, in the role of moderator WHEREAS Santiago’s new cultural center, the Centro Artes 660, was the appropriate site chosen by the Host Committee to welcome the more than 430 participants in the 70th General Assembly who could also enjoy an exhibition of the works of Joan Miró brought from Spain and a performance by the National Ballet of Chile and that the chair of the Host Committee, María Catalina Saeih gave the welcome WHEREAS the start of the sessions of the Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information on Sunday was introduced by IAPA President Elizabeth Ballantine, The Durango Herald, Durango, Colorado, and the chairman of the Committee, Claudio Paolillo, Búsqueda, Montevideo, Uruguay, and that in this program former Organization of American States (OAS) Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression Catalina Botero made a vibrant and passionate defense of the legal mechanisms that are the basis of the inter-American system and that at continuation José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch, Washington, D.C., also pleased his audience with his presentation WHEREAS among those attending the presentations of the Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information on Sunday morning there was the new OAS Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, Edison Lanza WHEREAS during the Sunday luncheon author and international commentator Álvaro Vargas Llosa  spoke about the “Challenges of the Press in the Hemisphere” and that he was introduced by Juan Jaime Díaz, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS also during the Sunday luncheon IAPA President Elizabeth Ballantine presented the IAPA Presidential Award to Susan McClatchy, McClatchy Newspapers, Sacramento, California, in recognition of her dedicated support over the years for IAPA projects and the cause of freedom of the press in the Americas WHEREAS in the continuation of the sessions of the Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information on Sunday afternoon the panel discussion “What Democracy Are We Talking About in Latin America? In the Light of Freedom of Expression” brought together editors and publishers of Latin American and United States media who demonstrated a variety of knowledge and information concerning press freedom and democracy, they being Mary O’Grady, The Wall Street Journal, New York, New York; Joaquín Morales Solá, La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Genaro Arriagada, former Minister of State and member of the National Television Council, Santiago, Chile, and with Gustavo Mohme, IAPA first vice president, La República, Lima, Peru, as moderator WHEREAS at the Tarapacá Vineyard those attending the 70th General Assembly had a tour with a wine tasting and food, also attending a colorful musical spectacle and equestrian show by the Escuadra Palmas de Peñaflor and that José Luis Parra, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, was the host at the reception WHEREAS at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago IAPA President Elizabeth Ballantine and Chilean Foreign Relations Minister Heraldo Muñoz held the conference “Twenty Years of the Declaration of Chapultepec” in which they reflected with great knowledge on the achievements and challenges for the defense of freedom of expression in the Americas WHEREAS Chile President Michelle Bachelet distinguished with her presence the official opening ceremony of the 70th General Assembly at the ECLAC headquarters, where she spoke, reiterating her strong support for public freedoms and in particular freedom of expression and of the press WHEREAS in the same ceremony ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena Ibarra welcomed those attending WHEREAS during the Monday luncheon at the Hotel W Dr. Claudio Grossman addressed those attending through a video conference on “Freedom of Expression Within the Framework of the Inter-American System” WHEREAS also during the Monday luncheon there took place the presentation of the book by former IAPA president Jorge E. Fascetto, Diario Popular, Buenos Aires, Argentina WHEREAS in the afternoon panelist Carlos Alberto Di Franco, International Social Sciences Institute (IICS) of São Paulo, Brazil, spoke on “Editorial Responsibility and Standards as Counterbalance of Freedom of Expression” and Juan Ignacio Brito, University of Los Andes, Santiago, Chile, with the participation of Álvaro Fernández, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, as moderator and introduction by José Luis Parra, El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS the panel discussion “Young People and the New Tools for Communication and Investigative Reporting” had the important participation of José Tomás Daire, of the Web site we Hop.in, Santiago, Chile; Laura Gordon, Altavoz, Santiago, Chile and David Cohn, former content chief of Circa, Berkeley, California, and serving as moderator was Paula Molina, Radio Cooperativa BBC Mundo, Santiago, Chile, and as introducer Marco Antonio González, Copesa, Santiago, Chile WHEREAS the Host Committee with good judgment chose the Las Condes Municipal Theater for the holding of the Annual Presentation of IAPA Awards for Excellence in Journalism and that this ceremony, with the assistance of the minister of Interior, Álvaro Eizalde, was followed by a Chilean festival, in which there performed the Chilean Folkloric Ballet, with a reception WHEREAS during that presentation IAPA Executive Director Julio E. Muñoz gave a farewell speech following the announcement of his retirement with effect in 2015 after 32 years of work carried out with dedication, tenacity, vigor and effectiveness THE IAPA GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLVES to express on the part of the president, officers, directors and members their deepest gratitude and appreciation to the people and companies that contributed and supported this successful IAPA 70th General Assembly in Santiago, Chile.