Midyear Meeting 2018
Medellin, Colombia
April, 13-15
WHEREAS the lawsuit made four yeas ago by the Grupo La República group for the acquisition of the Grupo EPENSA by Grupo El Comercio continues without being resolved in the courts

WHEREAS the request for defense filed more than four years ago by eight journalists against the Empresa Editora El Comercio editorial company on violation of the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of pluralisitc information regarding the same case so far has not been resolved despite being a proceedings of an urgent nature

WHEREAS in March and October, 2017 during the Midyear Meeting in Antigua, Guatemala, and the General Assembly in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, respectively, the Peruvian Judicial Branch was called upon to resolve the said lawsuit as soon as possible, without any result


to urge the Peruvian Justice System to comply with the deadlines prescribed by law for the resolving of this type of lawsuit and not to refuse to recognize the right of the parties to resolve their conflict as soon as possible.