Midyear Meeting 2018
Medellin, Colombia
April, 13-15
WHEREAS, the government continues to violate the human rights of its citizens in violation of the principles of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, as stated by the IAPA in the document, "A Historical Obligation," addressed to the leaders of the Americas at the VIII Summit of the Americas, April 13 to 14, 2018

WHEREAS, there is a strategic and structured government plan to put an end to the remaining active media, using more administrative repression, paramilitary police and paramilitary violence against the independent journalists – including foreign correspondents, that try to report what is happening

WHEREAS, military courts are being used to try and imprison civilians – including journalists and citizen reporters, who suffer abuses, lack of due process and isolation

WHEREAS that the constant threats to the integrity of journalists have caused that more and more these should be exiled in other countries to protect their lives and flee from the persecution of the government, given the risk involved in exercising the right to inform in this country

WHEREAS, Principle 1 of the Declaration of Chapultepec states that, "There are no free individuals or societies without freedom of speech and of the press. The exercise of this right is not a concession from the authorities, but an inalienable right of the people," and Principle 10 states that, "No media or journalist should be punished for spreading the truth or making criticisms or complaints against the public authorities."


Reiterate to the presidents and heads of state of the Americas – as expressed in the document, "A historic obligation," to commit themselves to working together so that the citizens of Venezuela may enjoy the democracy and essential freedoms that the government denies them

Call international attention to the ongoing abuses of the Venezuelan government, otherwise there will be no more independent – and not even official, media left.