Costa Rica


Report to the IAPA

March 28, 2020


Rectification of the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica to the press freedom report of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA). Read here the letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Rodolfo Solano Quirós, sent to the IAPA.

IAPA press freedom report:

Several actions against freedom of expression were recorded in this period.

It was made difficult to have access to information in public offices. The officials tend to disrespect the times of response and order that the questions be in writing and thus they avoid journalists.

The government created an office called Presidential Unit of Analysis of Data (UPAD) to look into the conversations and meetings among persons, logically among journalists and politicians. The Attorney General's Office is investigating and analyzing the legality of this office.

There continues active in the Legislative Branch the bill for a law on termination of control. The Communication Ministry took on the task of denying news that does not please the government, saying that there are fake news, and another bill that seeks to remove professional secrecy from journalists.

Official advertising is practically null, this added to the economic recession that has substantially reduced commercial advertising.