Costa Rica

Report to the IAPA 77 General Assembly Virtual
October 19-22, 2021

The lack of access to public information was constant during this period - with ministers and officials refusing to issue statements on matters of public interest.

Due to the government's defensive attitude, some media have turned to the courts ("Sala IV") to have the justices force the government to provide information. As part of the actions filed during the last six months, the court forced the president of INCOFER to provide railroad information, as well as the president of the Water and Sewer Department to provide information on the activities of that entity.

A civil action for damages was filed against the director of the Department of Immigration and Foreign Affairs for defamation against Diario Extra and journalist Greivin Granados.

In October, a court in San José forbade Justice Minister Fiorella Salazar from issuing statements to the press - imposing a gag order on the media.

On October 10, a banking businessman being sued by various associations for misuse of funds, tried to involve Semanario Universidad and Diario Extra - which have reported about the public denunciations of his victims.

On October 11, the Attorney General's Office denied information to the digital media CRHOY - about a trial involving a possible candidate for the February, 2022 presidential elections.