Media professionals in the pandemic

Resolution of the IAPA Midyear Meeting
April 20-23, 2021

WHEREAS, the loss of lives of journalists and media personnel has been a constant sad note throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and that in recent months the death toll has been increasing and, according to various estimates, more than 500 information professionals have already died in Latin America

WHEREAS, in the context of the pandemic and in the midst of the usual dangers posed by threats from organized crime, political or economic interest groups, outbreaks of violence, among others, journalists and press workers have continued to carry out their mission of informing the public with courage and professionalism

WHEREAS, during coverage of the pandemic in many countries of the Americas, access to public information was limited and obstructed, and in some cases, restrictions were imposed on the movement of the media and journalists, actions that infringe on the public's right to be informed in a transparent manner

WHEREAS, in several countries journalists have requested governments and authorities to grant them priority in vaccination campaigns against Covid-19, alongside other professions that perform essential services for society

WHEREAS, the IAPA awarded the 2020 Grand Press Freedom Award to nearly 200 journalists and media workers in the Americas who - in the exercise of their profession - lost their lives due to Covid-19 last year.


To reiterate admiration and respect for the more than 500 journalists and media personnel who have died, and to express our condolences and solidarity to their families.

To urge the governments and authorities of the hemisphere to include journalists and media workers among the essential categories to be covered in vaccination campaigns

To urge journalists and communications workers, and especially the media, to strengthen health and safety protocols.