Report to the Midyear Meeting
April 20-23,2021

As the nation faces a very harsh third wave of Covid-19, the equally difficult economic issues that arise from this damaging pandemic have generated instances of potential Media Control initiatives and mergers of some of the largest players in the ownership of Canadian Media.

There is also an on-going discussion around the fact that conservative members of Parliament have for quite some time now promoted a movement to de-fund operations of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, affecting several of its key French and English broadcasts. This affects several populations that rely on these broadcasts to keep abreast of everyday news.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association continues to assert that there are serious threats to the Constitutional Rights of Canadians to dissent and express their own personal opinions, beliefs and interpretations of the social, scientific, political and economic issues that affect the nation.

There continue to be severe controls and restrictions for journalists who cover all developments related to the Covid Medical emergency and its management at the Federal and Provincial levels.

There are several outstanding demands for greater speed and access to the information that is shared and discussed at the higher levels of government on the different Covid scenarios across the nation.

There continue to be several attempts against freedom of the press arising from judicial decisions made while addressing specific cases where there had been a clear infringement of the Freedom of Information Act.

The decline in readership of Canadian printed press has started to rebound slightly because of the desire of many to read as many sources as possible regarding covid related incidents, issues and developments. This is especially true of aboriginal, ethnic and foreign language publications for those living in the different Provinces.