78th General Assembly

October 27 – 30, 2022

Madrid, Spain


WHEREAS, the Inter American Press Association, IAPA, once again held its annual assembly in person after almost three years of virtual activities due to the pandemic - and the 78th General Assembly in Madrid, Spain, was one of the outstanding events of the world press in 2022

WHEREAS, the General Assembly was generously supported by: Agencia EFE, Protecmedia, Europa Press, Scott & Kathryn Schurz and Agence France-Press; as well as Televisa, TV Azteca and Clarfeld, along with Infobae, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Xalok, Grupo Bolívar, Marfeel, Castillo Hermanos, Dos al Cubo, Latin Press, Servicios Expresos, Content Authenticiy Initiative, Universidad de La Sabana, Aurum 41, Iberia, IE University and IE Business School

WHEREAS, as a prelude to the assembly - on October 26 - the prestigious IE University in Madrid offered an academic day on Digital Innovation at its state-of-the-art IE Tower campus - and more than 50 publishers who participated in the assembly were able to benefit from this course

WHEREAS, the president of the EFE news agency, Gabriela Cañas, addressed a message to the Ibero-American press calling for a joint response to disinformation trends, as part of the opening ceremony of the assembly, and IAPA President Jorge Canahuati set the spirit of this assembly in which the themes of press freedom and press sustainability predominated

WHEREAS, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain, José Manuel Albares, and the Assistant Director General for Communication and Information of UNESCO, Tawfik Jelassi, also emphasized the importance of free and independent media for the development of nations - as well as their commitment to the advancement of press freedom and freedom of expression as a public good and a universal right

WHEREAS, Renata Holmann, daughter of the general manager of the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa, Juan Lorenzo Holmann - who is serving an unjust sentence imposed by Daniel Ortega's dictatorship - moved the audience with her personal testimony and her unwavering will to continue fighting for her father's release

WHEREAS, concern for the sustainable development of the media in the post-pandemic period occupied a prominent place in the agenda of the assembly with interventions by speakers of diverse opinions and points of view

WHEREAS, the geopolitical situation in Europe due to the war in Ukraine was present in the discussions and panels of the meeting, as well as the concern for the growing number of journalists murdered in Latin America and the intense repression in countries such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela

WHEREAS, the authorities and officers of the IAPA heeded the call to attend the Madrid meeting and thereby contributed to its success.


TO THANK the generous support of the sponsors of this assembly and other IAPA activities: Agencia EFE, Protecmedia, Europa Press, Scott & Kathryn Schurz, Agence France-Press, Televisa, TV Azteca, Clarfeld, Infobae, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Xalok, Grupo Bolívar, Marfeel, Castillo Hermanos, Dos al Cubo, Latin Press, Servicios Expresos, Content Authenticiy Initiative, Universidad de La Sabana, Aurum 41, Iberia, IE University and IE Business School

TO THANK the valuable contribution to this meeting offered by so many speakers, including IE University professors, the vice president of Google Noticias, Enrique Dans and Ricardo Pérez, and the rest of the speakers and panelists: Roberto Álvarez, Chief Digital Officer, Prensa Ibérica, Spain; Vicente Ruiz Gómez, deputy director, El Mundo, Spain; and Carlos Jornet, La Voz del Interior, Argentina. Alejandro Lorenzo Edreida, CEO, Protecmedia; Aida Méndez, Director, GFK DAM, Spain. Alejandro Laso Moreno, El Confidencial, Spain; Daniela Mendizabal, Milenio, Mexico; Estefanía Nicolas, Diario de Navarra, Spain; Javier Martínez, La Vanguardia, Spain; Miguel Madrid, Henneo Group, Spain; David Sancha, Xalok, Spain. Javier Cremades, World Association of Jurists; Manuel Aragón Reyes, Magistrate of the Spanish Constitutional Court; Juan Luis Cebrián, International Advisor, World Law Foundation and Honorary President, El País, Spain. Candelas Martín de Cabiedes, Director of Business Development, Europa Press; Ignacio Escolar, Director,, Spain; Leonor Mulero, director of Opinion, El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico; Fernán Saguier, director, La Nación, Argentina; Carlos Jornet, president of the Commission; Renata Holmann, daughter of Juan Lorenzo Holmann, La Prensa, Nicaragua, in prison; Néstor Arce, Divergentes, Nicaragua; Gabriela Cáceres, El Faro, El Salvador; Yadiris Luis Fuentes, and ADN, Cuba; Alonso Moleiro, El País, Venezuela. Moderators: Carlos Jornet, IAPA; Alfonso Bauluz, president, Reporters Without Borders, RSF, Spain; Santiago Lyon, director, Advocacy and Education, Content Authenticity Initiative, United States; Armando Castilla, Vanguardia, Mexico; León Hernández and Argelia Perozo, UCAB, Venezuela; Gabriela Vivanco, IAPA secretary; Jorge Canahuati, Roberto Rock, Carlos Jornet and Danilo Arbilla, IAPA; Fabrice Fries, president, Agence France Presse, AFP; Javier Opy Morales, vice president of Product, Infobae, Argentina; Ana Ormaechea, Chief Digital Officer, Prisa Radio, Spain; Camila Marques, editor of Digital and Audience, Folha de São Paulo, Brazil; Werner Zitzmann, executive director, AMI, Colombia; Andrea Fornes, director of News Product Partnerships, Google for Latin America; Guy Berger, senior consultant, UNESCO; Zoé Titus, president, Global Forum for Media Development, Belgium; Michel Sabbagh, director, Broadcasting, Copyright and Creative Market, Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada; Roberto Rock, La Silla Rota, Mexico; Ana Cristina Ruelas, Senior PrCOCogramme Specialist, UNESCO; Angela Mills-Wade, executive director, European Publishers Council; Aurore Raoux, News Media Europe; Danielle Coffey, News Media Alliance, United States and Paul Deegan, News Media Canada; Florian Nehm, Axel Springer, Germany; Mario Tascón, Managing Partner, Poderoso Volcán, Spain; Adriana Guzmán, Professor of Journalism, Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia; Juan Ignacio Gallardo, Director of Marca, Spain and Vicente Jiménez Navas, Director, AS, Spain; Ernesto Kraiselburd, El Día, Argentina; Héctor Oscar Casas, CEO and founder of Aurum Ltd. Spain; Fernando de Yarza Lopez-Madrazo, president, World Association of News Publishers, WAN-IFRA; Irene Lanzaco, executive director, Asociación de Medios Informativos de España, AMI; Bieito Rubido, director, El Debate, Spain and José Manuel Huesa, board member, Club Abierto de Editores, CLABE, Spain; Miguel Henrique Otero, El Nacional, Venezuela; David González Torres, founder and director, Red de Periodistas, Madrid, Spain. Presenter: León Salazar Arrieta, LatinPress, Miami, United States.