Attacks against the media and aggressions against journalists

Midyear Meeting 2023
April, 25-27

WHEREAS in Argentina, several journalists have been injured by individuals and police officers during their coverage of public demonstrations, and trolls on social media harassed several

WHEREAS in Brazil, have occurred more than 70 attacks on journalists from the electoral process to the government inauguration; one radio station was attacked, and another was set on fire

WHEREAS in Canada and the United States, several journalists were arrested while covering social protests

WHEREAS in Chile, as a result of attacks against journalists during social protests, the authorities were forced to submit to Congress two bills on the protection of journalists

WHEREAS in Cuba independent journalists are assaulted, threatened, detained, watched and their telephone communications spied on and blocked; that, in addition, many are prohibited from leaving the country and others have escaped into exile

WHEREAS in Ecuador, 11 attacks against the media and 45 aggressions against journalists were recorded, including cyber-bullying, harassment, kidnapping, and damage to private property

WHEREAS in El Salvador, the climate of government persecution led to the departure from the country of the digital media El Faro, Teleprensa Canal 33 had to cease operations, and several journalists went abroad after suffering harassment, cyber-attacks, and systematic espionage actions

WHEREAS in Honduras, journalists were attacked by the "Commandos," a group close to the official party that attacks the critics of the government

WHEREAS in Nicaragua, the regime expelled and stripped the nationality of 222 political prisoners, among them several journalists, and also denied the nationality of other journalists who remain in the country; 21 were forced into exile, four media and 51 journalists were attacked

WHEREAS in Paraguay, there have been reports of an increase in threats, attacks, and sexual harassment against women journalists, and that the establishment of an efficient security mechanism for journalists is still under discussion

WHEREAS in Peru, more than 170 cases of aggression against journalists were reported, primarily by security agents during the protests generated by an attempted self-coup d'état, and there was an attempted assassination of two journalists in the interior of the country

WHEREAS in Venezuela, the government continues to harass the media and journalists, has closed 80 radio stations, continues to block more than 60 foreign and domestic Internet sites, and has left virtually no trace of independent newspapers, television, and radio stations

CONSIDERING that Principle 4 of the Declaration of Chapultepec establishes that "pressures, intimidation, unjust imprisonment of journalists, material destruction of the media, the violence of any kind and impunity for aggressors severely restrict freedom of expression and of the press" and "these acts must be promptly investigated and severely punished."


To condemn the increase in attacks and aggressions against the media and journalists in most countries of the Americas

To urge governments to investigate the facts and establish judicial responsibilities, which will serve as an antidote to prevent other crimes

Urge the media to create adequate and efficient security protocols to provide guarantees and security for their journalists and staff.