01 December 2012

About Technical Center


In 1957, IAPA members founded the IAPA Technical Center to provide members–especially those in Latin America–with technical information and assistance. The under-pinning philosophy was that a technically sound publication would be better able to ward off attempts to extinguish it.

The Technical Center expanded its activities in 1962 with a $1 million grant from the Ford Foundation, and has since expanded its activities and become fully self-supporting.

Today the Press Institute offers more that 15 training seminars annually for editors, managers, executives, media reporters and photographers, on subjetcs ranging from effective newsroom management, productivity and sound financial concepts, to the harnessing of new technologies in a modern newspaper, effective marketing, the impact of photography and design - all of those elements than contribute to the financial soundness of a media outlet and, therefore, to its independence.

It also publishes Hora de Cierre, one of the few Spanish-language periodicals devoted to the journalism industry, as well as books on issues ranging from administrative management to the implementation of the Newspaper in Education program. In addition it sponsors symposiums, conferences and other programs to promote opportunities for media outlets from various countries to share experiences and exchange professionals.