In May the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) introduced a bi-monthly online newsletter, The Advocate. It was produced by Berbick-Graham and Associates. A second issue was produced in July, and both were circulated to newsrooms, though many members said they have not seen the newsletter. President Desmond represented the PAJ on a committee set up by Prime Minister Bruce Golding to review the libel and defamation laws. The committee, which was chaired by Justice Hugh Small, held island-wide forums to canvass the views of the public. The review committee handed its report to the Prime Minister in March. It was subsequently tabled in the House of Representative and referred to a Joint Select Committee for review. The executive took several initiatives on the crime front during the past term in office. Following a public warning by President Desmond about spiralling crime last December, the PAJ conducted wide consultation among media practitioners seeking consensus on how media can assist in crime fighting. Following the consultations, the PAJ developed an 18-point guide which was circulated to newsrooms.