WHEREAS our Host Committee, chaired by David Landsberg, Miami Herald Media Company, Miami, Florida, and made up of Alejandro J. Aguirre and Horacio Aguirre, Diario Las Américas, Miami, Florida; Humberto Castelló, El Nuevo Herald; Tom Fiedler (retired), Liza Gross and Anders Gyllenhaal, The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida; Earl Maucker and Michelle Salcedo, Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Elissa Vanaver, Miami Herald Media Company, Miami, Florida, provided an atmosphere of hospitality and cordiality conducive to professional and social activities WHEREAS the General Assembly received the generous support of the following organizations that sponsored hospitality events, offered services and provided useful and informative material and equipment: ABITIBI Consolidated-BOWATER, Inc.; Grupo Salinas, TV Azteca, The Associated Press, American Airlines, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Central Romana Corporation, Ltda., PR Newswire, Citigroup, EFE, University of Miami School of Communication WHEREAS Craig A.Kelly, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, United States Department of State, was kind enough to participate in the IAPA General Assembly official opening ceremony WHEREAS Frank Whittaker, The McClatchy Company, presented opening remarks on behalf of the Host Committee WHEREAS Paul George of the Historical Museum of Miami gave an interesting presentation on the history of the city WHEREAS Deans Leonardo Ferreira of the University of Miami, Ann Grimes of Stanford University, Lillian Kopenhaver of Florida International University, Silvia Pellegrini of the Catholic University of Chile and Alicia Casermeiro of the Catholic University of Buenos Aires held a successful roundtable on journalism education WHEREAS Gary Kebbel of the Knight Foundation gave a presentation on the new challenges that online journalism presents WHEREAS Rodrigo Arboleda of the OLPC, Adam C. Powell III of the University of Southern California, Patricio Navia of New York University and Raul Trejo of UNAM held a highly interesting roundtable on the new media revolution WHEREAS Alberto Ibargüen, president of the Knight Foundation, addressed the assembly, reporting on the approval of a new multi-million-dollar financial grant for the Impunity Project WHEREAS Carlos Alberto Montaner of Firmas Press, Ray Sánchez of the Sun-Sentinel, Alberto Müller, columnist of Diario Las Américas, and Marifeli Pérez-Stabile of the Inter-American Dialogue discussed the current situation in Cuba: Lacking a Free and Independent Press WHEREAS The president of Honduras, José Manuel Zelaya, addressed the assembly during the Monday, October 15 luncheon WHEREAS Nicholas Negroponte of MIT conducted a presentation on the One Laptop Per Child project WHEREAS Jack Füller (retired), The Chicago Tribune, Earl Maucker, Sun-Sentinel, Howard Greenberg, Sun-Sentinel, Anders Gyllenhaal, The Miami Herald, and Edward Seaton, Seaton Newspapers, discussed the economic plight of newspapers in the United States WHEREAS Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen addressed assembly delegates in a special presentation during the Saturday, October 13 luncheon WHEREAS Earl Maucker, Sun-Sentinel, Milton Coleman, The Washington Post, and Antonio Fins, Sun-Sentinel, previewed the upcoming elections in the United States in an interesting panel discussion WHEREAS David Lawrence, Jr. of the Early Childhood Initiative Foundation addressed assembly delegates WHEREAS Jennifer Carroll, vice president of Gannet Newspapers, Iñaki Palacios of Casses y Asociados, Vickey Williams of Northwestern University, Drew Davis and Stephen Gray of the American Press Institute, Germán Lojk of Clarín Global, Sherry Skalko of the Sun-Sentinel and Raul López of The Miami Herald, as well as Mike Smith of Northwestern University, conducted a successful series of seminars THE 63RD GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to express on behalf of the president, its officers, directors and members its deepest gratitude and appreciation to the people and enterprises that contributed to and supported this 63rd General Assembly. #