International Code of Ethics

INTERNATIONAL CODE OF ETHICS WHEREAS the World Association of Press Councils, meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, voted to draft an international code of ethics for news media the World Association of Press Councils voted to consider how a world press council might be created to enforce the code such a code would likely be used by repressive governments to limit press freedom and harass journalists proposals purporting to promote ethical behavior can have beguiling surface appeal ethical issues are matters for individual journalists and their respective news organizations the free press itself is one of the most marvelous self-correcting mechanisms ever created THE IAPA GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLVES to oppose steadfastly the World Association's plan, pointing out that however well intentioned it may be, it poses a serious threat to journalism and press freedom to communicate IAPA's concerns directly to David Flint, chairman of the working party studying the feasibility of a world press council and ethics code to ask other organizations concerned about press freedom to speak out against the World Association of Press Council's proposal.