74th General Assembly
Oct 19 to 22
Salta, Argentina

WHEREAS, the Host Committee led by Sergio Romero, with the support of the executives of the newspaper El Tribuno de Salta, together with the members of the committee, Clarín, La Nación, Infobae, El Liberal de Santiago del Estero, Crónica, de Buenos Aires, La Gaceta de Tucumán and El Día de La Plata;

WHEREAS, the following companies offered their generous support to the 74th General Assembly, Brightspot, Google, Pan American Energy, Edesa, Marfeel, Nueva Prensa de Oriente, the Presidency of the Nation, the Secretary of Tourism of the Nation and The New York Times, as well as the Catholic University of Argentina UCA, Mustang Cloud, Swiss Medical, Future Brank, Palau, Triunfo Seguros and the Catholic University of Salta UCASAL and the University of San Pablo Tucumán.

WHEREAS, at the first session of the 74th General Assembly, IAPA President Gustavo Mohme, the Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of the Press and Information Roberto Rock and former IAPA President Danilo Arbilla introduced the participants of the Digital Declaration that updates the fundamental principles of freedom of expression in the new information age and that IAPA Executive Director Ricardo Trotti, before and during the meeting, worked towards a consensus on the text of the declaration;

WHEREAS, the former president of the Supreme Court of the Argentine Nation, Ricardo Lorenzetti, spoke on the Challenges of Justice in the Digital Age and the session was conducted by the prestigious constitutional lawyer Gregorio Badeni;

WHEREAS, during the 74th General Assembly Opening Ceremony, the President of the Host Committee, Sergio Ramírez, was in charge of the opening words of welcome and, after the report of the President of the IAPA, Gustavo Mohme, the National Secretary of Communication of Ecuador, Andrés Michelena, presented a greeting to the assembly and to Gustavo Mohme from the president of Ecuador, and that in the same opening ceremony, the governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal and the governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, also took the floor;

WHEREAS, in Friday's first seminar, Carla Zanoni of The Wall Street Journal and Carlos Jornet of La Voz del Interior in Córdoba, Argentina, illustrated the participants about the handling of new audiences and content, with Eduardo Suñol, Perfect Sense, of Reston, Virginia, as moderator;

WHEREAS, the manager of La Nación Data, Ricardo Brom, offered a magnificent dissertation on the use of data in the creation of new types of digital content and that Fernando Gómez Carpintero, from Protecmedia, Madrid, Spain, also had an outstanding participation as moderator;

WHEREAS, with the Video Format Monetization seminar, Andrés Mompotes of El Tiempo from Bogotá, Colombia, Carolina Bertoni of YouTube, Argentina and Julieta Shama of Facebook, Argentina, managed to capture the attention of the audience due to their knowledge of the topics and, in addition, Ernesto Kraiselburd, El Día, La Plata, was the moderator;

WHEREAS, in an unforgettable reception held Friday night at the San Francisco de Salta Convent, which included a recital by the city's Symphony Orchestra, and that the president of the National Communications Agency of Argentina ENACOM, Silvana Giudici, was in charge of the words of welcome and that later a very productive dialogue was propitiated with the Secretary of Tourism of the nation, José Gustavo Santos and that the Bodega Agustín Lanús Wine provided excellent wines to complement the evening;

WHEREAS, during the Parallel Activity at the Salta Convention Center, the Latin American Council for Accreditation of Teaching in Journalism (CLAEP) held a panel on fake news and its repercussion on journalism schools, with the participation of Ursula Freundt of UPC Peru, María Elena Vivas, University of Antioquia, Colombia, and Octavio Islas of the University of the Hemispheres of Ecuador;

WHEREAS, in Friday's second student panel, Juan Manuel Lucero, leader of Google News Labs in Argentina, led a workshop on advanced information search, information verification and sources;

WHEREAS, on Saturday's panel titled ¨La Crisis in Venezuela and Nicaragua¨, Gilberto Urdaneta of El Regional de Zulia, Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela, delivered a passionate defense of journalism under the most adverse circumstances on the part of the government, and then Douglas Carcache, El Nuevo Diario, Managua, Nicaragua, and Miguel Mora of 100% Noticias, also from Nicaragua, impressed the participants with their accounts of the persecution and violent repression that that nation has been experiencing since mid-April;

WHEREAS, the master of American journalism, Bob Woodward, appeared before the 74th Assembly via videoconference from Washington, D.C., and for more than an hour discussed with participants the difficulties of modern journalism and provided advice to editors and young journalists who had access to the session, and the University of Miami adjunct professor, Joseph B. Treaster, was in charge of the presentation by the outstanding journalist;

WHEREAS, at lunch on Saturday the Argentine winemakers Francisco ¨Pancho¨ Lavaque, Raúl Dávalos, Agustín Lanús and Francisco ¨Paco¨Puga, spoke about the famous wine industry in the Salta region and Argentina;

WHEREAS, during the presentation "Journalism in the Digital Age", Daniel Hadad, director and founder of Inofobae, spoke about the evolution of the press industry in an environment of permanent technological revolution and proliferation of contents, and Gustavo Mohme, president of IAPA, was in charge of introducing his presentation;

WHEREAS, at a reception and dinner held at the Club 20 de Febrero, the governor of the Province of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey and his wife Isabel Macedo, hosted the IAPA delegates who enjoyed - in an atmosphere of great camaraderie, a musical and dance show;

WHEREAS, in the continuation of the consultations on the IAPA Digital Declaration, the OAS Press Freedom Rapporteur Edison Lanza and the Peruvian judicial counselor Erick Iriarte, of Iriarte y Asociados de Lima, together with IAPA President Gustavo Mohme, received the new considerations and contributions to the document from the IAPA delegates;

WHEREAS, in the Fakenews panel, Proposals Against Disinformation, Brazilian journalist Daniel Bramatti, O Estado de S. Paulo and Luis de Uriarte of Facebook, along with Pierre Aussell, of Ageance France Presse, Montevideo, Uruguay, addressed different strategies to restore the credibility of the news, from an integral perspective of media, agencies and technological intermediaries;

WHEREAS, Google's Director of Strategic Media Relations, Madhav Chinnappa of London, United Kingdom, gave an interesting presentation on his company's relationship with newspaper companies and also encouraged an enjoyable discussion with participants;

WHEREAS, during the Sunday lunch, in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel, courtesy of Nueva Prensa de Oriente, Venezuela, Héctor Aranda, of the Clarín newspaper of Argentina, gave a managerial dissertation under the title The Subscription Strategy and the Relationship with Audiences, and that also, Gustavo Mohme, bestowed the Presidential Award of the IAPA on the former president and director of the newspaper Hoy, of Ecuador, Jaime Mantilla, who thanked the distinction with words of affection and encouragement for the organization;

WHEREAS, a distinguished group of women journalists and media executives, including Christine Morgan of Bloomberg, New York, Alice Ting, The New York Times, and Norma Morandini of Argentina, along with Milagros Salazar of Convoca, Peru as moderator, discussed gender conflicts, their causes, and the expectations of female media leadership;

WHEREAS, in Sunday afternoon's final panel entitled The Evolution of Fraud in Electoral Processes, a panel of prominent journalists composed of Carlos Pagni of La Nación de Argentina, Daniel Bramatti of O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil, and Professor Joseph B. Treaster of the University of Miami, discussed the challenges of modern elections and new forms of fraud. Treaster, from the University of Miami, discussed the challenges of modern elections and the new forms of fraud, hacking and the use of social networks to misinform and manipulate and that the role of moderator of the session fell upon Roberto Rock, president of the IAPA Press and Information Freedom Committee;

WHEREAS, the Excellence in Journalism Awards Ceremony, headed by the president of the IAPA Awards Committee, Marcel Granier, was held at the Provincial Theatre of Salta and the RCTV production team presented a magnificent video in homage to the award-winning journalists and media;

WHEREAS, the participants in the 74th General Assembly then walked to the historic El Cabildo de Salta building, where the Mayor of the City, Gustavo Sáenz, hosted a reception and delivered a welcoming speech;

WHEREAS, on Monday morning, a select group of Argentine investigative journalists, made up of Diego Cabot of La Nación, Daniel Santoro and Nicolás Winazki of Clarín, spoke about the role of journalism in the face of corruption, and Antonio Oieni of El Tribuno de Salta acted as moderator of the session;

WHEREAS, the President of the Republic of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, honoured the 74th General Assembly with his presence on Sunday at noon and also delivered a message to the participants;


express on behalf of its President, its authorities, directors and members, its deepest feelings of gratitude and appreciation to the people and companies who contributed to and supported this successful 74th General Assembly.