ARGENTINA III WHEREAS according to allegations by federal legislators and others published in Argentine newspapers, large sums of money of disguised origin have been used to acquire news media outlets in a money laundering scheme WHEREAS the phenomenon of corruption may have penetrated the news business WHEREAS the story of Argentina has been written by newspapers whose roots go back to the traditional press WHEREAS a heavy shadow has been cast over the press, the majority of which has the approval of the people, putting its prestige and credibility in jeopardy WHEREAS there are newspapers that the government exempts from paying taxes and employee benefit contributions THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to send the Argentine judiciary a request that the relevant judges conduct an in-depth investigation into both matters and punish of those who are responsible to call upon the president of Argentina and the leaders of both houses of Congress to deal with this matter in the course of the investigations as issues of special importance and consequence.