ARGENTINA-II WHEREAS the system of marketing newspapers and magazines, which for decades was regulated with questionable practices under Decree Law 24.095/46 (ratified by Law 12.921, based on the general regulation established by Law 24.307) is undergoing a process of deregulation, starting with Resolution 416/99 of the Economy Ministry WHEREAS the delay in applying the ministry’s resolution has caused legal uncertainty in the Argentine media WHEREAS President Fernando de la Rúa, speaking to members of the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities, promised to issue a decree confirming the changes, to which he gave his unassailable support WHEREAS the ratification of this measure would end the monolithic system that is still in effect WHEREAS the application of the measures will make it easier for the public to obtain publications THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to ask President Fernando de la Rúa to approve quickly the decree that will lead definitively to the necessary opening up of the system of distributing and selling publications in Argentina.