WHEREAS ARGENTINA more than two years after the murder of Jose Luis Cabezas, the trial of the suspects has not begun and the murder in May of another journalist, Ricardo Gangeme, has not been solved some members of the Judicial Branch are still handing down verdicts for slander and libel against journalists who criticize government actions proposed legislation to restrict the publication of electoral polls undermines the public's right to free information the Economy Minister's resolution overturning the arbitrary regulation of the distribution of newspapers and magazines is compatible with the free market Principle 4 of the Declaration of Chapultepec establishes that murder, terrorism, kidnapping, pressure, intimidation, the unjust imprisonment of journalists, the destruction of facilities, violence of any kind and impunity for perpetrators severely limit freedom of the press and information and such acts must be investigated promptly and punished harshly. Principle 5 rejects prior censorship, restrictions on the circulation of the media or dissemination of their reports, forced publication of information, the imposition of obstacles to the free flow of news, and restrictions on the activities and movements of journalists which directly affect freedom of the press. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to ask the judicial authorities to begin the trial of the suspects in the murder of Jose Luis Cabezas and to ask the judicial authorities of Chubut province to step up the investigation of the murder of Ricardo Gangeme to recommend that Congress reject bills that threaten free dissemination of information such as the one concerning publication of election polls to express its agreement with the decision by the Economy Minister to promote the deregulation of the distribution of printed media, which will result in a more equitable flow of information.