APPRECIATION WHEREAS the Inter American Press Association held its 55th General Assembly in Houston, Texas our Host Committee, chaired by Richard J.V Johnson of Houston Chronicle, and including Doug Hardie, Ray Stafford, Daniel Cavasos of Freedom Newspapers, Michael Laosa of Austin American-Statesman, Burl Osborne of The Dallas Morning News, Larry Rose of Corpus Christie Caller-Times and Larry Walker of San Antonio Express-News, provided a hospitable and friendly environment conducive to professional and social activities former President George Bush, President Andres Pastrana of Colombia and Special White House Envoy Kenneth (Buddy) MacKay accepted the invitation of the Association to address the members and their guests Claudio Grossman, Greg Brenneman, Teresa Hanafin, Kevin McCourt, Marcelo Cacciola, Enrique Ospina, Edward Monto, Jocelyn Marek, Jim Townsend, Jesus Blancornelas, Maria Clara Prates, Tim Johnson, Luis Aguilar Leon, Homero Hinojosa provided insightful talks on matters of great interest to IAPA members the General Assembly received the generous support of the following persons and organizations who sponsored hospitality events and provided useful and informative material: Austin America-Statesman; Casa Cuervo; Central National-Gottesman Inc; Continental Airlines; Dallas Morning News; Donohue Inc; Editors Press Service; EFE News Service; Freedom Newspapers/Rio Grande Valley; Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau; Hearst Newspapers; Houston Image Group; Houston Chronicle; King Features; Ogden, Gibson, White and Broocks;; PR Newswire; San Antonio ExpressNews; The Freedom Forum; The New York Times Syndicate the 55th General Assembly was by all accounts a resounding success for members, friends and supporters THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES that the president, officers, directors and members express their deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed.