CUBA WHEREAS the mere fact of reporting freely is still a crime in Cuba after 37 years of totalitarianism during the last year and even in the last few days, the Cuban government has increased repression, persecution and harassment of independent journalists the methods of repression used against independent journalists inelude such despicable acts as forcing journalists into exile, infiltrating informers into their ranks, raiding their homes, arresting them on the street, subjecting them to lengthy interrogations, harassing them psychologically and physically, tapping their telephones and even dumping them off on lonely roads many miles from their home independent journalists are not permitted to earn a living in their profession the Cuban government brutally retaliated against members of independent press agencies after the Inter American Press Association awarded them the Grand Prize for Freedom of the Press THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to demand that the government of Cuba cease and desist in its pernicious campaign of persecution and repression of independent journalists to demand that the Cuban authorities permit independent journalists to earn a living in their profession, whether the news is destined for foreign media or for domestic consumption to reaffirm the Inter American Press Association's unanimous solidarity with the independent journalists and its official recognition of the news agencies, Bureau of Independent Cuban Press, HavanaPress, CubaPress, Patria and the Association of Independent Cuban journalists to call upon the free press of the hemisphere yet again to display the necessary solidarity so that these Cuban colleagues can carry out their courageous work to ask the Cuban journalists working for government media such as Granma, Juventud Rebelde, Trabajadores, Prensa Latina and newspapers in the provinces, as well as state television and radio journalists, to show respect for their independent colleagues and recognize their contribution to the dissemination of ideas.