HAITI WHEREAS the Republic of Haiti has experienced a serious setback in the restoration of freedom of the press after the exit of the military and the installation of a new, elected government journalists who carry out their work in an independent manner in Haiti run great risks to their personal safety because of attacks on journalists and their places of work the government of President René Preval understands that uncontrollable forces are operating against independent journalists but at the same time recognizes it does not have sufficient control to stop these attacks on and harassment of journalists THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to recognize the efforts that President René Preval is making to maintain aclimate of press freedom in Haiti, but at the same time to demand that the necessary guarantees be offered so that journalists can carry out their work of informing the people in aclimate of freedom and security to condemn the paramilitary forces that plague independent journalism, preventing the consolidation of democracy within the country to show its solidarity with the independent journalists who, facing threats and pressure from the military, pararnilitary and political sectors, exercise their free right to inform