VENEZUELA WHEREAS in November 1994, a new press law governing the practice of journalism was passed that amounts to an obvious limitation of freedom of expression an attempt is being made to attach acode of ethics to that law, with the support of the national government, and that would lead to absolute control of information there has been constant abuse by the courts in granting injunctions aimed at restricting information discrimination continues in the granting of foreign exchange authorization for payment of external debt incurred by the print media continues the authorities frequently and sharply question the need for free speech in Venezuela THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to demand repeal of the press law currently under consideration by the Supreme Court to support the Venezuelan Press Bloc in its plea to the Supreme Court to repeal the law regulating the practice of journalism to condemn the discrimination to which some print media have been subjected by not having the payment of their hard currency debt authorized, and to demand that aH media be treated equally in that regard to call the attention of the judiciary to the danger to freedom of the press posed by granting injunctions that are unconstitutional since they violate freedom of expression, guaranteed under the Constitution to call upon President Rafael Caldera, on behalf of his administration, to express the concern of the lnter American Press Association about the questioning of free speech, since that freedom is a fundamental pillar and essential bulwark of a democratic system.