Impunity - Mexico

IMPUNITY-MEXICO WHEREAS journalist Victor Manuel Oropeza Contreras was murdered]uly 3, 1991, in Ciudad]uárez and up until now the crime has not been solved nor those responsible arrested the investigations have been shelved and the case forgotten the Chihuahua state attorney general has incomplete records because some documents disappeared from the offices of the federal attorney general, and the National Human Rights Commission has made another investigation that could provide further facts in the case journalist Héctor Félix Miranda, known as "Felix the Cat," was murdered April 20, 1988, in Tijuana and up until now only those suspected of having carried out the murder have been arrested investigations to identify the person who may be behind the crime have not significantly advanced and officially it is unkoown whether anyone in the police force or public prosecutor's officer is looking into the matter the Baja California state attorney general contends the case is still open in the hope of identifying who may be behind the murder, to date no evidence been presented THE GENERAL ASSSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to demand that the Chihuahua state government instruct the attorney general's office to reactivate the investigation and assign an official of the public prosecutor's office to the task, taking into account the research presented by the IAPA in its report, and to call upon the National Human Rights Commission to provide a copy of all its documents in the case so as once and for all the solve the Oropeza murder to demand that the Baja California state government instruct the state attorney general to question those persons who have said that the principal murder suspect, Antonio Vera Palestina, was given money before, during and after the murder of the journalist.