LAWSUITS WHEREAS in Argentina members of the president's family, including the president himself, have filed 11 legal actions against a weekly magazine with damages of $1.5 million demanded in Brazil judges have recently sentenced journalists in lawsuits filed by members of the judiciary under an archaic penal code in the Dominican Republic a journalist was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined $275,000 for libel and an editor and reporter of a magazine were sentenced to a year in prison and fines on charges of defamation and libel THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to denounce these actions by the president of Argentina and his family, which are signs of intolerance of freedom of expression to ca11 upon the Brazilian authorities to abolish the 1967 Press Law that empowers judges to act in a manner that implies a threat to freedom of expression to condemn and repudiate a11 criminal libel laws in the Dominican Republic and their being used to punish individual journalists and the media.