CUBA WHEREAS after 36 years of total repression of the press, a group of independent journalists has organized itself, in the face of great obstacles, including death threats, to distribute information about Cuba the Clinton administration has indicated its intention to liberalize restrictions on Cuban journalists wanting to report from the United States and the U.S. media wanting to set up news bureaus in Cuba in recent months many courageous independent Cuban journalists have suffered fewer physical attacks and organized harassment than in the past THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to express its solidarity with the independent journalists of Cuba and to recognize the Bureau of Independent Press of Cuba, HavanaPress and CubaPress as representatives of the Cuban press, in the same manner that it accepted the request of the Association of Independent Journalists of Cuba to become an associate member of the Inter American Press Association in 1992 to request from the newspapers and journalists of the Americas the solidarity necessary for these Cuban colleagues to accomplish their courageous task to demand the Cuban government allow these independent journalists to operate freely and to obtain all the facilities necessary to allow them to report, publish and distribute information within and outside of Cuba to urge the Cuban government to reciprocate by allowing North American journalists to open offices and work in Cuba without any restrictions to express its hope that respect for citizens will increase and that freedom of expression and information will begin to be restored in Cuba.