APPRECIATION WHEREAS the Inter American Press Association held its 48th General Assembly in Madrid, Spain, in homage to the SOOth anniversary of the meeting of the Old World and the New World • their majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia honored us with the royal presence at and participation in the opening ceremonies • our organizing committee, chaired by Alejandro Junco de la Vega and also made up of Indalecio Diaz, Lazaro Rios, William P. Williamson, Miguel Angel Valdez, Silma Garza, Isela Cordero, Gloria Bryan, and our Spanish colleague coordinators, Javier Riera, Daniel Gavela, Francisco Ramos, Manuel Rodriguez, Isabel Azcarate, Joaquin Amado, Manuel Adarraga, Luis de la Lama-Noriega, produced a vital, stimulating and educational program • Our host, Alonso S. Palomares, and the EFE Spanish News Agency provided a most friendly and hospitable welcome and environment for our professional and social activities • Alfonso S. Palomares, EFE Spanish News Agency; Pedro J. Ramirez, E/ Mundo, Madrid; Allen H. Neuharth, the Freedom Forum, Reston, Virginia; Juan Tapia, La Vanguardia. Barcelona; Camilo Jose Cela, winner of the 1989 Nobel Prize for Literature; Jose Maria Amusategui, Banco Central Hispano; Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, Circulo de Empresarios; Javier Garcia Egocheaga, Banco de Inversi6n y Servicios Financieros; Emilio Fontela, BISF; Charles Jenkins, The Economist Intelligence Unit; Jesus Silva Herzog, Ambassador of Mexico to Spain; Enrique Bar6n, European Parliament; Victoria Camps, Universidad Aut6noma de Barcelona; Pasqual Maragall, City of Barcelona; Jose Juan Toharia, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; Juan Tomas de Salas, Diario 16, Madrid; Juan Luis Cebrian, El Pais, Madrid; Francisco Pinto Balsemao, former prime minister of Portugal; Luis Maria Anz6n, ABC, Madrid; Federico Mayor Zaragoza, director general, UNESCO; Han. Don Felipe Gonzalez Marquez, president of the Spanish government, provided us with insightful, interesting, enlightening talks on subjects of great interest to lAP A members • the 48th General Assembly received the generous support of the following persons and organizations who sponsored hospitality events and supplied informative information: Alfonso S. Palomares and EFE Spanish News Agency, Rockwell Graphic Systems, Eduardo Sanchez Junco, Hola magazine; Antonio Asensio Pizarro, Ediciones Grupo Zeta; Manuel Rodriguez Casanueva, Euroforum; La Vanguardia; Juan Tomas de Salas, Diario 16; Juan Luis Cebrian and El Pais, Madrid; AEDE, President Vicente Montiel and Secretary Pedro Crespo de Lara, Balsa de Madrid; Central National-Gottesman; Grupo 16; McClatchy Newspapers; Periódico El Norte; U.S. Embassy • Ambassador of the United States of America Richard G. Capen, Jr. and Mrs. Capen invited members and their guests to a reception at the U.S. Embassythe 48th General Assembly was incredibly successful for members, friends and supporters THE 48th GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE IAPA RESOLVES that the president, officers, directors and members express their deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed.