WHEREAS the IAPA joint meeting with the American Society of Newspapers Editors (ASNE) was a big success, and that this initiative was promoted by Milton Coleman, The Washington Post, presidente de ASNE; WHEREAS the Mid-Year Meeting has received the support of various organizations that sponsored hospitality events, offered services, and supplied informative and useful material and equipment: particularly Qualcomm, The Washington Post, the Associated Press (AP), TV Azteca, the Ford Foundation, Gannett, Google, Inc., The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the International Press Institute, the University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, the McCormick Foundation, the Philip L. Graham Fund, the Gridon Challenge Foundation, the Scripps Howard Foundation, Reuters, and La Opinión; WHEREAS the honorable former President of the United States of Mexico, Vicente Fox, honored us with his presence and his words at lunch on Wednesday, April 6; WHEREAS Mark Willes, of the Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah delivered an interesting seminar on the meeting of the written press and the Internet on Wednesday, April 6, with the contribution of Earl Maucker of the Sun Sentinel (retired), Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as moderator of the session; WHEREAS the second seminar on that same day by Flavio Mansi of Qualcomm Latin America, San Diego, California and Richard Kiy, International Community Foundation, San Diego, California, presented an enlightening panel on the latest communication technology and its impact on public health, with Juan Pablo Illanes of El Mercurio, Chile, as moderator; WHEREAS Eduardo Danilo Ruiz of Danilo Black, Inc. of Monterrey, Mexico directed the third seminar on Wednesday entitled “The Newspapers’ Odyssey” in which he spoke about the transition of the traditional press to new electronic formats, with the collaboration of Fernando Saguier, La Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina, as moderator; WHEREAS at the last of the four seminars held on Wednesday, April 6, Craig A. Moon of Nashville, Tennessee, spoke under the title of “A Look Forward” in which he offered interesting information and statistics about the future of the newspaper, accompanied by Anders Gyllenhaal of McClatchy Newspapers, Washington, D.C., as moderator; WHEREAS TV Azteca sponsored a pleasant welcoming reception on Wednesday, April 6 on board the aircraft carrier USS Midway, for delegates of both the IAPA and the American Association of Newspaper Editors (ASNE); WHEREAS on Thursday, April 7, Sheryl Sandberg, Executive Director of Facebook in Palo Alto, California was the main speaker at the combined IAPA/ASNE luncheon where she was introduced by Susan Goldberg, Executive Editor of Bloomberg News, San Francisco, California; WHEREAS at the end of activities on Thursday, April 7, a reception was offered to the ladies who attended the joint SIP/ASNE meeting WHEREAS on Friday, April 8, the founder and president of IDEO, Palo Alto, California, David Kelley, chaired a joint IAPA/ASNE panel on “Building a Newsroom Culture that Promotes Innovation,” in which Russ Stanton of the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California served as moderator; WHEREAS at the second joint session on Friday Jang Lee of ESPN.Com, Los Angeles, California and Tom Kenney, Verve Wireless, presented an informative panel on mobile communications that was moderated by Josh Hatch, Sunlight Foundation, Washington, D.C.; WHEREAS during the general session on freedom of the press in the Americas a very interesting panel discussion had the contributions of Gonzalo Marroquín, Siglo 21, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Guylyn Cummins, an attorney of the firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, San Diego, California; Santiago Cantón, Executive Secretary of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, Washington, D.C., and Robert Rivard, San Antonio Express News, San Antonio, Texas as moderator; WHEREAS the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, addressed the joint IAPA/ASNE during the lunch of Friday; WHEREAS on Friday afternoon, in the continuation of the joint IAPA/ASNE sessions, panelists Roberto Rock, editor of El Universal, Mexico, D.F., Tracy Wilkinson, head of the Mexican bureau of the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California, and Adela Navarro, editor of Zeta, Tijuana, Mexico organized an interesting discussion with first-hand testimonies on the topic “Covering the Drug War in Mexico,” with the support of Alfredo Carbajal, Al Día, Dallas, Texas as moderator; WHEREAS at the last joint panel on Friday, Kris Viesselman, San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego, California, moderated an animated discussion on “Using Design as the Engine for News Product Development,”; WHEREAS the company Qualcomm sponsored an unforgettable reception and White Party Evening on Friday in La Jolla, which also featured a panel discussion on election coverage in the United States and Latin America with two personalities Donna Brazile of CNN and Pamela K. Starr of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, which was followed by a presentation of jazz music THE MID-YEAR MEETING OF THE IAPA RESOLVES to express,on behalf of the president, its officers, directors, and members, its deepest feelings of thanks and appreciation to the persons and companies that contributed to and supported this successful Mid-Year Meeting.